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                Laura Khalil


      Laura the Brow Queen reveals her Secret to
  maintain the brows between appointments on
                           Good Morning Texas

Growth conditioner/treatment
  Use the brow conditioner if:

 1- You over tweezed, waxed.
 2- Your brows have empty spots or gabs.
 3- Your brows are thin naturally, short, not dense nor
 The Nouvelle Beaute lash and brow conditioner will stimulate growth to dormant hairs, and make the existent hairs thicker and longer so can be used to cover up the gaps.


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Laura Khalil, aka Laura the Brow Queen, is so obsessed with flawless eyebrows that on your first visit she’ll snap a “before” photo in order to make a critical comparison when the transformation is complete. Khalil believes that brows should enhance a face, not distract from it, and she knows exactly what it will take to create the perfect balance. She can solve just about any brow conundrum, even over tweezing. It may take some time, but, eventually, you’ll have brows fit for royalty Enhancing woman's natural beauty is our business!    


                                 2010             Dallas Health & Beauty Examiner        Mrs. North Texas 2010

                                                             "D" Beauty                                      "Looks"

   Continuing Education - Cosmetology, Esthetic, &  Electrolysis
                                          Training Classes

** Brow shaping and design
** Eyelash and eyebrow tinting
** Eyelash perm / curling
** Eyelash extensions
** Facial massage techniques
** Chemical peel / Microdermabrasion
** Brazilian bikini waxing
** Electrolysis / permanent hair removal
** Spray tanning
** Moles, skin tags, cherry angiomas, spider veins removals
            Cosmetology and Electrolysis Classes and Training

      Moles-skin tags class                           Brow shaping class                       Eyelash tint - perm class

                        Spray tanning class                                                     Brazilian bikini waxing


TRICHOTILLOMANIA-Pulling out hairs                     After shaping and  using the Wonder Brows

                          Very large open pore on forehead                             Right after one treatment - Totally closed

                        no laser facial skin                              permanent hair                      no laser moles-skin tags
resurfacing for acne                         removal-electrolysis                       blood leaks-spider
                         pitted chicken pox                                                                                      veins removals

Natural skin care line                   chemical peels     
                                                            Nouvelle Beaute

                             eyebrow extensions                              best brow design 2010

                                  BROW & LASH GROWTH SERUM / CONDITIONER  what a difference!

It is all about the EYES!                               
                                                                    eyelash perm before and after
                                   lash and brow tinting / dye and using Nouvelle Beaute' Eyebrow Pencil 


                      Brazilian Bikini Waxing Questions And Answers In Details

Q. What is waxing, hair removal? Why is waxing hair removal a better method for unwanted pubic
     removal than shaving? What are the benefits of body wax, body waxing, hair removal?
Waxing is a form of hair removal, removing the entire hair from the hair follicle/root. So it
      takes longer for the hair to grow out and when it does, it will feel much smoother. When
      Shaving, on the other hand, hair may show up the same, if not, two days after. It will be
      coarse and have that "stubble" feel.

Q. What is the difference between basic bikini waxing and the Brazilian bikini
A. Basic bikini wax is removing the unwanted hair from the areas just outside the
    panty's line, and also some hair from the bottom.  On the other hand, Brazilian bikini
    wax is removing everything.

Q. Does (repeat) body waxing, body wax, hair removal help the hair become thinner?
Yes! Hair grows in softer, and the hair shaft becomes thinner.
Q. How long will my Brazilian bikini waxing appointment take?
A. Laura the brow queen, the waxing pro waxes the entire area in between 5-15 minutes total.
Q. Does waxing hair removal or shaving cause ingrown hairs? Waxing versus shaving?
Proper waxing technique should not cause ingrown hairs.  Some in-experienced waxing
    operators, sometimes, will cause ingrown hairs to the clients. Shaving in general will cause
    ingrown hair due to improper shaving techniques.

Q. Does the Brazilian bikini wax or body waxing hurt?
A. When waxing in such a sensitive area, pain cannot be avoided, albeit it is very minimal
    pain. This is when the "Queen of Wax's" expertise comes into play. Body wax or hair removal
    is a technique
and should not hurt too much at all.  But that depends on each individual. 

Q. I've never had a professional bikini wax before. How long should I wait after
     my last shave?
 A. About 10-14 days. The hairs should be at least 1/4 inch long, so the wax can grab
     all the hairs.

Q. How long do I wait for my next bikini wax?
A. Laura the Brow Queen usually recommends 4-6 weeks. Some individuals grow hair faster than
     others, so they can repeat the bikini wax or Brazilian bikini wax sooner.

Q. Will my skin bleed?
A. Sometimes your skin is more sensitive in one area than another, especially when it gets
    closer to the middle. Yes sometimes bleeding will occur. But this is so minimal.
    Again, this is when the queen of Brazilian bikini wax expertise comes into play.

Q. What is the difference between the half-Brazilian and full-Brazilian bikini wax?
A. Half-Brazilian bikini wax is removing all (top/bottom) unwanted hair, but leaving only a tiny
    strip in the middle. Full-Brazilian, on the other hand, all hair is removed

Everyone deserves a clean bikini line!
Q.  Do I have to have my panty off?
A. It depends! If we are going for the half Brazilian bikini wax, you do not have to take your
    underwear off. For the full Brazilian, everything from the waist down comes off!

Q. Do you have disposable panties for me to wear if I choose not to keep
     mine on?

A. Yes!

Q. How should I prepare for the bikini wax, body wax at home, before I arrive for my
A. Just shower! Make sure the bikini area is dry and clean.

Q. Should I trim my hair if it is really long?
 A. Yes you need to do that before you come.  But make sure to leave about 1/4 inch.

Q.  Can you trim my bikini hair for me if I forget?
Yes, with a small charge.

Q. What if some very short hairs still remain after body wax, waxing?
A. Laura the Brow Queen will tweeze most of them off. I recommend to wait at least two weeks after
     last shave or 3-4 weeks after last wax.

Q. Will I have privacy in the room?
A. Yes, You'll have a private room and it will be locked during the procedure.

Q. What about the sanitary conditions of the equipment and the table that I will
    lay on?

A. Laura the brow queen will place a disposable sheet and all the equipment is sanitized and
     ready for the next client.  

Q. Can I rub any lotion on the bikini area before I come?
A. No! The bikini area should be dry and free from any moisture,lotion, and sweat.

Q. Can I rub any lotion after my bikini wax, hair removal, or body waxing?
A. No! Occasionally, lotions contain perfume that will cause a rash or sudden breakouts
  . After waxing, During and after waxing, I'll sprinkle some body powder.

Q. If I still have some sticky areas on my skin after waxing or hair removal, what should I do?
A. I'll make sure that your skin is free from wax before you leave. But if you still want to
    clean your skin, warm water and regular body wash will do the trick.